Securing NHS digital assets: ITHealth Dashboard’s new reporting engine and UI

April 16, 2024

Securing NHS digital assets: ITHealth Dashboard’s new reporting engine and UI

Cyber security is integral to patient care

As NHS organisations increasingly rely on digital technologies to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations, cyber security has become a crucial concern. The proliferation of network-connected devices, including medical devices, has significantly increased the attack surface and, consequently, the risk of cyber-attacks. Robust cybersecurity measures and effective oversight of connected estates are essential to protect patient privacy and ensure continuity of care delivery.

The ITHealth Dashboard has become a cornerstone in empowering NHS IT teams to pro-actively and efficiently manage their network-connected assets. With over 150 NHS organisations using the ITHealth Dashboard, it has earned its reputation as a trusted tool, leading to many customer advocates and driving its customer-centric evolution.

A unified view of cyber asset intelligence

The ITHealth Dashboard provides NHS organisations with unified security visibility of all IT, IoT, IoMT and OT assets – both on and off the network – crucial for understanding the total risk landscape, and ensuring compliance with local and national regulations.

Unlike some competitors, the ITHealth Dashboard offers both agentless and agent-based scanning, allowing complete visibility of all assets, including legacy systems and unmanaged equipment.

Feedback from users has always been central to ITHealth Dashboard development, ensuring that it remains a solution tailored specifically for NHS needs. As such, ITHealth has recently introduced a new UI and reporting engine, marking a significant upgrade to its offering.

Customers spoke; we listened – A new reporting engine that empowers integration

In response to user demands, ITHealth has developed a reporting engine that functions independently of scanning solution. The new iteration of the ITHealth Dashboard reflects changes as requested by our users; it enhances the user experience through improved data visualisation, data manipulation and simpler navigation, and better surfaces critical risk insights for swifter response action. Fundamentally, it integrates more easily with leading security platforms and IT tools. Alongside existing integrations of Lansweeper, Sophos and Cynerio (IoT/IoMT security), new integrations include:

NHS Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) Tenant – resulting in a more accurate view of asset health and activity and removing the need for manual comparisons between tools.
Cisco DNA – to provide increased insight on Cisco devices not currently being detected or where data being pulled by Lansweeper is incomplete.
Rubrik – to provide information on backup compliancy, last backup times, compromised backups and more.

Users can seamlessly access and interpret critical risk information, enabling risk-mitigation decision-making with greater ease and efficiency.

ITHealth Dashboard user interface



The development of the ITHealth Dashboard aims to enrich the user experience and application of the solution. Key benefits include:

► Unified view of asset data: improved integration capabilities supports ITHealth’s goal of providing a singular, comprehensive source of truth for all asset intelligence.
► Improved data visualisation and navigation: enhances ease of use and surfaces vital asset risk insights in a more easily readable and visually appealing manner for swift response action.
► Streamlined identification of high-risk assets: makes it easier to pinpoint critical areas that require immediate attention.
► Enhanced filtering capabilities and fully customisable data tables: allows users to swiftly narrow focus to assets of interest.
► Facilitates swifter risk-mitigation: enables users to easily access and interpret critical risk information for efficient risk decision-making.

The latest release of the ITHealth Dashboard marks a milestone in the evolution of NHS cyber security asset management. By addressing user feedback and leveraging cutting-edge technology, ITHealth has been able to deliver an even more powerful and user-friendly solution. Users can now experience enhanced control and efficiency in pro-actively managing risk associated with their IT and non-IT assets reinforcing ITHealth’s commitment to supporting NHS organisations in delivering quality healthcare.

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