Cyber Assurance and Compliance

Security visibility is key. Access a trusted and dynamic, 360-degree risk-based view of your managed and unmanaged assets to better control, remediate and report on cyber risk.

Rely on a single version of the truth

Do you have multiple security tools doing different jobs scanning for different information? Is getting comprehensive security visibility of your IT and non-IT assets a challenging process? End up with conflicting information? The ITHealth Dashboard Solution has been designed specifically for NHS IT teams to increase security visibility through a single pane view – to provide one version of the truth allowing you to take greater control of your connected estate and stay cyber assured at all times.

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Pro-actively mitigate vulnerabilities

Access unparalleled levels of asset cyber risk insight at-a-glance and in near real-time. No longer rely on moment-in-time reports that quickly out-date. Pro-actively mitigate risk as it happens. Monitor the rollout of MS Windows security patches, identify out-of-date anti-virus or instances where Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly ATP) is disabled, understand where software is unsupported or EOL or where Active Directory user trends are posing a risk. In near real-time, pinpoint and prioritise security weakness and closely monitor the effects of their remediation.

Secure IoT and IoMT assets

Identify, analyse, and monitor medical and IoT devices connected to the network; understand their associated risks, and protect them against harmful cyber-attacks. Access intelligent prioritisation and protection of these critical devices based on clinical context, exploit probability, impact to patient care and their compliance to the NHS Digital DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit). Confidently micro-segment connected devices with no impact on patient outcomes or functionality.

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Automate NHSD Cyber Alert processes

No longer manually interrogate the network after each Cyber Alert release or track remediation in a spreadsheet. Instead, pinpoint devices within minutes to more quickly focus remediation and maximise resource time. Prioritise Cyber Alert remediation based on severity level and number of affected assets. Streamline workflows and monitor and track compliance ongoing.

Simplify DSPT submissions

Completing the annual Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) submission is often labour-intensive. But it doesn’t have to be. The ITHealth Dashboard Solution supports 38 DSPT evidence codes (2023-24, v6) and provides access to one-click exportable evidence against assertions. Streamline DSPT processes, and achieve standards and compliance more easily, by accessing near real-time information all year round and not only at the time of audit.

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Streamline cyber reporting

Reporting to key stakeholders on the state of the infrastructure takes time. Yet, increasingly assurance is needed to know that security gaps are known about and being addressed. ITHealth takes the pain out of reporting by doing it for you. Monthly assurance reports are provided summarising a Trust’s cyber security status quo. Plus, nearly all data within the ITHealth Assurance Solution is drillable and exportable, so additional reports are obtainable at the click of a button..

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