Identity and Access Management

Ensure timely, optimal and controlled access to your NHS systems and data.

Reduce log-ins and streamline clinical workflows

Enable clinicians to spend less time on technology and more time with patients. Eliminate the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords to log-in to applications. Optimise clinical workflows and increase productivity through single sign-on technology for faster access to patient information and enhanced care delivery. Simplify regulatory compliance through a centralised password management system which eliminates risky password management practices, reduces attack surfaces, and strengthens security.

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Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning

Reduce IT costs and complexity by replacing burdensome, slow, and error-prone manual administering of user accounts. Through automation establish greater and more granular controls for adherence to security policies and regulatory guidelines. Introduce precise role-based access for all staff, empower care providers to delivery high-quality care while increasing their productivity, and better manage compliance with analysis of usage data via dashboards.

Control privileged access

Privilege misuse is one of the most popular attack vectors amongst hackers due to the damage that can be caused through elevated permissions. Protect vital NHS infrastructure and critical assets by securing, managing and monitoring privileged accounts – control who gets access to what and when. Meet rigorous compliance requirements by ensuring every action is accountable, visible and auditable.

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Automate routine IT tasks

Unlocking a user’s account. Resetting a user’s password. Granting access to a device or system. Are your NHS IT Administrators under constant demand for routine tasks? Automate IT processes without compromising security. From account management in Active Directory and managing firewalls, to account re-certification for audits and performing regular server health checks, task automaton increases productivity and allows your IT specialists to focus on the stuff that really matters.

Mobile IAM and provisioning

NHS organisations are pursuing mobile technology initiatives to improve patient care and outcomes. But manually-intensive access control solutions required to properly secure mobile devices and applications can impair clinical workflows and introduce security vulnerabilities. Optimise mobile strategies through automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure access for all mobile users.

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Secure remote access

Enable an increasingly remote NHS workforce with confidence. Ensure your remote working technologies are swift, secure, and easy-to-use – improving flexibility without compromising security. Our remote working solutions include secure VPN and two-factor authentication (over 87,000 users in 100+ NHS organisations currently use our flagship remote access product, Secure-IT), remote connectivity intelligence and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Enable your NHS staff to work anywhere with complete peace of mind.

Govern user access with patient privacy monitoring

How do you build a culture of trust and privacy for sensitive patient information? Avoid risk of data breaches and insider threats by proactively monitoring NHS staff access to sensitive patient data. Detect violations and identify behaviours that are indicative of snooping, identity theft or other anomalous behaviours. Only with proactive monitoring comes total accountability and increased patient confidence and trust.

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