Cynerio and ITHealth form strategic partnership to protect NHS Trusts

August 10, 2022

Cynerio and ITHealth form strategic partnership to protect NHS Trusts

The partnership will enable expanded visibility across an NHS organisation’s network-connected IoT, IT and IoMT assets and enhance their security posture in the face of rising attacks.

Cynerio, the leader in healthcare IoT cybersecurity, today announced a new partnership with ITHealth, a major provider of security solutions and services to the NHS. The new partnership will enable NHS organisations to increase their visibility and security of their IT, IoT and medical device infrastructure, while achieving compliance with NHS regulations such as the DSP (Data Security and Protection) Toolkit.

Cynerio and ITHealth are partnering to deliver providers and commissioners of NHS services an unprecedented level of visibility, IoT and medical device cybersecurity and information governance. The integration of Cynerio’s class-leading healthcare cybersecurity solution with ITHealth’s Assurance Dashboard will provide organisations with granular visibility into their estate-wide security posture, deliver automated DSP compliance and reduce cyber risk by securing all vulnerable IoT and medical devices.

“We are delighted to partner with ITHealth in the UK NHS market” says Doron Dreyer, Vice President of International Sales at Cynerio. “NHS organisations face a mammoth task in accurately understanding their IT, IoT and medical device security posture and making sure it aligns with the DSP Toolkit. Our partnership and integration with ITHealth and their Assurance Dashboard brings together our industry-leading IoT and IoMT visibility and security platform with their unique insight into NHS IT to provide our mutual customers with the highest levels of security and compliance”.

Despite significant investment in cybersecurity in the aftermath of the WannaCry attack, the NHS and global healthcare systems are the targets of increasing levels of sophisticated cyberattacks, including those from state-sponsored hacking organisations such as the Conti Group – responsible for disrupting Ireland’s entire HSE health system in 2021. “With increasing evidence that healthcare cyberattacks are responsible for loss of life in both Europe and the USA, ITHealth’s mission is to help the NHS increase their visibility and security posture of their IT assets and better understand the risk they face in their daily operations”, says Brett Draper, Managing Director of ITHealth. “We consistently research the market to identify the best fit for our NHS customers, and I am very pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership with Cynerio, as their solution is extremely comprehensive and their commitment to the NHS mirrors our own”.

About Cynerio
Cynerio is the one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT security platform. With solutions that cater to healthcare’s every IT need—from Enterprise IoT to OT and IoMT—we promote cross-organizational alignment and give hospitals the control, foresight, and adaptability they require to stay cybersecure in a constantly evolving threatscape. We give you the power to stay compliant and proactively manage every connection on your own terms with powerful asset management, threat detection, and mitigation tools so you can focus on healthcare’s top priority: delivering quality patient care. For more information, visit us at

About ITHealth
ITHealth works exclusively with NHS organisations providing proven and trusted cybersecurity and access management solutions. Whether it’s ensuring fast, reliable, and secure access for NHS mobile workers, or finding effective ways to reduce threats while improving productivity, ITHealth’s cost-effective solutions mean NHS systems and data are always secure, easy to access, and simple to manage. ITHealth’s Assurance Dashboard Solution is now relied on by over 130 NHS organisations helping each to take greater control of their IT and stay cyber secure, assured, and compliant.

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