Cynerio launches Data Security & Protection Toolkit dashboard for NHS Trusts

February 09, 2023

Cynerio launches Data Security & Protection Toolkit dashboard for NHS Trusts

New release will enable NHS organisations to quickly measure performance against National Data Guardian security standards while ensuring the protection of patient data.

Cynerio, the leader in healthcare IoT, and IoMT cybersecurity, announced today a new release that will help NHS organisations automate their DSPT annual assessment. Cynerio customers throughout the United Kingdom now have DSPT and NHS cyber alert dashboards available within their environments. This will allow them to understand their IoMT/IoT compliance posture in real-time, and ensure data protection.

The DSPT dashboard layout is easy to navigate. It provides a smooth and efficient experience for NHS organisations who are working to understand their IoMT risks, with details including severity and probability. Additional details in the new release include DSPT item numbers, evidence text, compliance status, explanation of compliance status, and immediate actions that can be implemented to achieve the National Data Guardian (NDG) data security standards.

In addition to the DSPT dashboard, a new NHS cyber alerts dashboard has been added to the platform. This dashboard provides a quick, secure, and effective way to respond to threat alerts as issued by NHS Digital, particularly high-severity threat alerts. The Cynerio Report Centre allows users to sign-up team members to receive real-time cyber security and vulnerability notifications via email. Data in this new feature includes the impact of NHS cyber alerts on current devices, top impacted assets, name and asset type, levels of patient safety, and service disruption risk.

“The healthcare community rarely considers regulatory requirements as fuel for innovation. The insight and ease of use provided by these new dashboards will reduce the substantial effort often required for compliance tasks and allow focus where it belongs – on patient care,” says Doron Dreyer, Vice President of International Sales at Cynerio.

While the release of these new features will help NHS organisations automate their annual assessment, and assist with ongoing compliance. It is also a great tool to help them increase their visibility and security across all connected devices – especially after the recent partnership between Cynerio and ITHealth, which has a broader DSPT dashboard covering both IT and non-IT asset compliance information available to customers. This partnership now provides customers with an unprecedented level of visibility and a 360-degree view into their estate-wide security posture including IT-managed devices.

“By partnering with Cynerio, we’re further easing the arduous, but important DSPT compliance process for customers. Our integration means we can now provide compliance data and insight covering both IT and IoT/IoMT assets in a single view and at the click of a button, freeing up IT resources to focus attention elsewhere,” says Andy Sheret, Head of Business Development, ITHealth.


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