The proliferation of connected medical devices in hospital networks has introduced a new breed of threats that healthcare organisations cannot address with traditional IT cybersecurity solutions. Cynerio’s mission is to empower healthcare organisations and give them full control over the security of their connected clinical engineering and IoT ecosystem, ensuring data protection, service continuity and patient safety. With Cynerio’s solution, security teams can see which medical and IoT devices are connected, understand their associated risks, and protect against harmful cyber-attacks.

A cybersecurity solution customised for the NHS

Going beyond asset management, Cynerio protects IoT and connected medical devices from ransomware and other live attacks. It provides intelligent prioritisation and protection of critical devices based on clinical context, exploit probability, impact to patient care and DSP (Data Security and Protection) compliancy.

Insight into DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit) posture

The DSPT makes it mandatory for all healthcare providers to have an up-to-date inventory of their medical devices that includes data about their security posture and vulnerabilities. Cynerio helps healthcare providers fully comply with the medical device specific evidence requirements within the DSPT. In fact, it offers compliance insight over 30 evidence items in total with its dedicated DSPT dashboard – providing current status, analysis and actionable remediation steps. Remove the guesswork from IoT and medical device compliance with clinically intelligent AI that monitors your status 24/7.

Real-time integration with NHS Cyber Alerts

Get visibility into IoT and IoMT devices, vulnerabilities and their impact on your organisational security posture with Cynerio’s NHS Cyber Alert dashboard. The Cynerio platform prioritises Cyber Alerts based on criticality, device type, and clinical and operational impact, helping busy NHS IT teams to focus on what matters most to safeguard patient health.

ITHealth Dashboard integration

The integration of Cynerio’s class-leading healthcare IoT cybersecurity solution with the ITHealth Dashboard provides NHS organisations with granular visibility into their estate-wide security posture – providing customers with a single view of all connected assets in a single pane of glass. The result – a 360-degree, risk-based view of all IT, IoT and IoMT assets – covering DSPT compliance, NHS Cyber Alerts and executive cyber reporting.

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