ITHealth free managed trial

Sophos Phish Threat

Phish your users. See the results. Create a culture of awareness.

Assess how vulnerable your end users are to phishing attacks

Help your staff spot phishing emails and improve your security awareness and reporting culture.

ITHealth are currently offering a free managed trial of Sophos Phish Threat – which educates and tests end users through automated attack simulations and security awareness training.

Here’s how it works… ITHealth will:

  • fully manage the 30-day trial on your behalf – no software download necessary.
  • send a series of mock phishing campaigns to your end users to help assess end users’ susceptibility.
  • send you a detailed post-trial report which will include: total users caught, most caught user, # of users that report the threat, users that opted for training once caught

Tackle phishing today. Find out what percentage of your end users are prone to phishing. Complete the short form and we’ll be in touch.

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