Compliance, Governance and Assurance

Our compliance, governance and assurance solutions help NHS organisations conform to the standards outlined in the DSP Toolkit.

All NHS organisations are aware of the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit, which is the performance tool and checklist produced by the Department of Health and currently hosted by NHS Digital. The DSP Toolkit pulls together all the rules and guidance concerning how information should be handled within NHS organisations. To help NHS organisations comply with its requirements, we’ve created a range of information governance and assurance solutions that address the confidentiality, data protection, and information security requirements of the Toolkit. In fact, our Assurance Dashboard Solution alone directly meets or supports at least 40 evidence requirements within the Toolkit. We also work closely with NHS IG staff to detect unauthorised access of electronic health records, ensure that the Electronic Staff Record and Active Directory work together, and scan the network so that any non-compliant devices and software can be identified and dealt with.

Other solutions