Secure Remote Working

Sophos Mobile Control

Mobile management for security of all mobile devices with minimal IT effort

Sophos Mobile Control is a leading enterprise mobility management solution that secures mobile devices and protects corporate data, all without impacting employee productivity. It includes mobile device management, mobile content management, mobile application management, and mobile email management. The result is that data and networks are secure, thanks to close integration with Sophos’ endpoint, encryption, and network threat management capabilities.

Key features

Sophos Mobile Control allows you to proactively manage mobile devices with an interactive dashboard that helps IT address compliance and device issues instantly. It establishes and enforces mobile security policies and monitors the device status. Automatic remediation guarantees your devices remain safe and corporate data secure. Sophos Mobile Control can be deployed with on-premise and SaaS options, giving unprecedented flexibility to monitor and enforce device compliance.

Sophos Mobile Control enables users to “containerise” corporate emails, calendars, and contacts, ensuring the highest level of security. It enables users to remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices, as well as to distribute apps, websites, and documents.


  • Provides an effective way to meet the growing data challenge.
  • Empowers and liberates users through the Sophos Self Service Portal.
  • Reduces risk of data breaches through the ability to block network access for non-compliant devices.
  • Enables business productivity and diversity of mobile platforms and employee demands to be balanced, helping administrators to manage mobile demands and enable mobile productivity.
  • Endpoint management helps ensure a uniform company security and compliance policy, while simultaneously securing access to company assets.
  • Automatic remediation means devices remain safe and corporate data secure, while isolating corporate and personal data on mobile devices ensure corporate documents remain secure to guard against data loss.
  • Ensures that even when files are shared, placed on cloud storage or distributed outside the company, they remain secure.

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