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Sophos Endpoint

Complete mobile and desktop threat protection for end-users, including anti-ransomware

With threats becoming increasingly dynamic, next-generation endpoint security needs to provide effective protection, detection and remediation of malicious activity in addition to securing against known and unseen zero-day threats. Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint Protection integrates innovative security technologies to protect against all stages of an attack, coordinated through a central control engine. The result: outstanding protection against malware and advanced threats for your Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Key features

Sophos Endpoint Solutions address three core areas of Next Generation Endpoint Security: prevention, detection and response.

Prevention aims to catch and prevent malware before it can execute. Sophos does this by using traditional signature matching of known malware, heuristic evaluation, emulation, sandboxing, file reputation scoring, application whitelisting and machine learning algorithms.

Detection enables malware, once deployed, to be identified quickly. Sophos use a range of advanced technologies including network and application/process behaviour analysis, data protection, and new signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and anti-hacker technology.

Response enables effective action to be taken as soon as malware is detected. Sophos capabilities include automated malware removal, compromised asset identification, suspect component identification and the ability to scan for the malware and suspect components across other devices.


  • Pre-execution emulation identifies suspicious behavioural patterns, offering the broadest protection for endpoints and data.
  • Endpoint lockdown secures endpoints with a default deny policy, preventing all unauthorised applications from executing.
  • Once an endpoint is locked down, anti-malware and HIPS (host-based intrusion prevention system) behaviour analysis prevent content-based threats such as an infected Word document that could otherwise exploit vulnerabilities within whitelisted applications.
  • Includes Malicious Traffic Detection, which monitors for traffic associated with malware, enabling early detection and removal.
  • Keeps users secure without slowing them down thanks to lightweight agent and small definition updates (typically about 30KB).
  • Easy to deploy and manage, minimising the IT overhead.


It is important that we have strong partnerships with suppliers that we can trust to provide a high level of service and innovation. A good example of this is the partnership we have with ITHealth and, in particular, the Sophos security portfolio which is providing vital protection for all our infrastructure and data.

Steve Bowyer

Head of IM&T

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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