Network Defence

Sophos Email Gateway

An all-in-one solution for email encryption, DLP, anti-spam, and threat protection.

Sophos’ purpose-built secure email gateway is engineered to keep NHS organisations safe from all email threats. It is an all-in-one solution for email encryption, DLP (data loss prevention), anti-spam and threat protection. It provides advanced protection from today’s sophisticated spear phishing attacks and gives NHS organisations full control over data leaving and entering their organisations via email.

Key features

Sophos Email uses the latest anti-malware and phishing-detection technology to identify the latest threats. Reputation filtering blocks over 99% of spam at the gateway, and Sophos’ anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks. Sophos Email filters incoming email by using a variety of advanced detection methods across many languages. It supports all major platforms, while the Self-Service Portal even allows end users to manage their own protection if necessary.


  • Time-of-Click protection blocks malicious email URLs, protecting users from stealthy, delayed, spear phishing attacks.
  • Every URL, in every email, is secured.
  • No client software is required, speeding implementation and reducing user disruption.
  • Wizard-based DLP rules and policy-based encryption makes email data protection simple, preventing costly data-loss incidents.
  • Simple SPX Encryption is transparent, straightforward and requires no changes to user workflow.
  • Sophisticated email filtering protects users from the latest snowshoe spam, identity theft, password scams and more by looking for suspicious content, attachments or URLs.

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