Secure Remote Working


Connectivity management for more efficient remote working

Monitor is a cost-effective and user-friendly remote connectivity automation tool that enables users to access their networks and applications quickly, easily and securely. Monitor can work alongside ITHealth’s Secure-IT two-factor authentication remote access solution, or any other two-factor authentication solution. By reducing the number of steps needed to establish a VPN connection and showing the performance and quality of that connection, Monitor helps users make informed decisions about whether they should attempt to work remotely, information which in turn helps them optimise their working time.

Key features

Monitor streamlines connecting to the Internet and launching of the VPN and applications, and reduces the number of clicks needed to access a network remotely. It automatically analyses which connection is best to use, (for example LAN, wireless, 3G or 4G) and then uses an intuitive traffic light system to keep users informed about the performance and quality of a connection. Importantly, if Monitor identifies a connection with better performance it automatically switches to that connection. It also provides management reporting on user connectivity and mobile working patterns, and supports user-based policies for application launch configuration.


  • A flexible, highly scalable solution that can be rapidly deployed and extended to cover as many users as necessary.
  • Informs users of the performance and quality of a connection, enabling them to make better decisions about where and when to attempt to work remotely, which translates into more efficient service delivery and improved patient care.
  • Improves user confidence in technology, easy to install and use, requiring minimal support from IT.
  • Low cost of adoption that quickly translates into tangible efficiency savings.


The Monitor solution provides elegant (single user prompt), secure connectivity to the system of choice of the end user, providing access regardless of location.

Mike Press

Chief Technical Officer

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service (NHIS)

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