End User Protection

McAfee Encryption

Comprehensive endpoint encryption solution from McAfee

Sensitive data is constantly at risk of loss, theft and exposure. Companies that suffer such a data loss risk serious consequences, including regulatory penalties, public disclosure, brand damage, customer distrust and financial losses. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices with large storage capacities and often Internet access is opening up even more opportunities for data loss or theft, so protecting sensitive, proprietary and personally identifiable information must be a top priority.

Key features

This blazingly fast enterprise-grade endpoint encryption solution is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2+ certified, and accelerated by the McAfee Advanced Encryption Standard–New Instructions (Intel AES-NI).

McAfee encryption solutions enable Apple FileVault to be managed on Mac OS X and Microsoft BitLocker on Windows PCs via McAfee ePO. Use any combination of Microsoft BitLocker or traditional drive encryption on Windows endpoints. Removable media drives can all be protected.


  • Stops data loss initiated by sophisticated malware that hijacks sensitive and personal information.
  • Secures data whether it’s stored on desktops, laptops, tablets and cloud storage.
  • Centralised management console makes encryption management quick and easy.
  • Enables administrators to prove compliance with advanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

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