Clinical Workflow Optimisation

Isosec MIA Maternity

Clinical mobile app designed for maternity workflows

MIA Maternity is an intuitive, gesture-driven mobile app designed for maternity workflows in the NHS. It transforms inefficient paper processes into streamlined online equivalents that deliver significant benefits in terms of time, money and improved patient care. Security is guaranteed thanks to the need for an NHS Smartcard to authenticate a user’s identity, using a smartcard reader sleeve on an iPad or near field communications (NFC) on other tablets. Removing the smartcard will logout or lock the screen. All patient information on the device is encrypted and dual authenticated.

Key features

MIA Maternity electronically captures data so managers can get real-time views of individual and team performance. Inputs are geotagged and digitally signed for a clear audit trail that cannot be edited to ensure its integrity. Forms are digitised so they can no longer be lost or misplaced. Time-critical actions are monitored with a colour coded alert system. MIA Maternity works seamlessly offline, synchronising information as soon as a connection is available. When online, GPS location is used to organise appointments by proximity for increased efficiency. MIA Maternity includes a module dedicated to managing midwife registration and task allocation, while patient workflow tracking ensures that forms have been submitted and shows the discharge status and historic notes for each patient.


  • Increases efficiency and productivity, reducing administration and travel time by approximately five hours a week per midwife by removing tasks such as re-keying handwritten notes into an EPR (electronic patient record).
  • Supports mobile team working, with midwives able to access patient information and appointment bookings in real time.
  • Typically pays for itself in under four months by lowering agency spend, removing admin tasks, reducing waste and minimising travel costs.
  • Digitised Payment by Results forms can no longer be lost or late, enabling the recovery of accurate costs.

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