Clinical Workflow Optimisation

Isosec, iO

Spine session persistence software for secure mobile efficiency

iO is a high-performance identity agent that uses Spine Session Persistence to enable secure mobile efficiency. It’s particularly well suited for modern mobile devices (Windows, iOS or Android) and virtualised environments. As well as dramatically improving the user experience, iO also enhances security, improves governance and supports the use of mobile clinical devices. This ability to access applications helps transform patient care without increasing the risk to an organisation or its data. Isosec has a proven track record in providing integrated authentication solutions enabling the use of modern devices and environments for transforming clinical practices.

Key features

iO improves productivity through its simple, fast authentication – typically sub-second, thanks to its highly optimised Smartcard middleware; a process that can take 30 seconds or more with other systems. It allows clinicians to access patient information at the bedside or at home, increasing clinical efficiency, improving clinician mobility and removing the need for multiple logons. Screen blanking improves confidentiality and maintains security and governance. iO also provides comprehensive management information.


  • iO’s flexibility means that whatever the environment or clinical use-case, the user experience is the same: simple, fast and consistent authentication without the need to re-authenticate and re-launch clinical applications.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure enables clinical users to move from device to device while maintaining all applications, saving time, increasing clinical efficiency and improving patient care.
  • In a community setting, nursing staff can use whichever mobile device is appropriate knowing that authentication will always be ultra-fast even with poor latency network connections.

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