Clinical Workflow Optimisation

Imprivata One-Sign

Single sign-on technology to reduce log-ins and streamline clinical workflows

Imprivata OneSign is a scalable, flexible and proven solution, used in over 90 NHS healthcare organisations and with over 220,000 multi-disciplinary NHS users deployed over many years. Clinicians need quick and secure access to patient information from multiple applications and locations. Logging in and out of multiple applications with different passwords can be frustrating and time consuming. Many NHS Trusts are now using the NHS Smartcard as the central means of strong user authentication and single sign-on (SSO) as the enabler of ensuring user convenience and secure access. By using Imprivata OneSign in conjunction with desktop virtualisation technologies, NHS organisations can enable secure user session roaming.

Key features

Imprivata OneSign allows users to authenticate once, using an NHS Smartcard/PIN, username/password, or a biometric. Once this initial authentication is completed, SSO can provide fast access to applications without the need for users to remember their username or password. Imprivata OneSign can be deployed in many different ways – shared workstations, fast user switching, session persistence or follow-me-desktop. OneSign Secure WalkAway automatically secures unattended computers from unauthorised access.


  • Removes the need to remember passwords – users no longer have to remember numerous, complex passwords that need to be changed on a regular basis.
  • Can be used with all types of applications and it also optimises workflows enabling faster access to patient information and ultimately enhancing the delivery of patient care.
  • Reduces IT Helpdesk costs – an important consideration when up to 70% of all NHS IT Helpdesk calls are password related.
  • Users with SSO and self-service password reset can be more productive as they do not contact their IT Helpdesk for password resets.
  • Can be deployed in days not months with minimal disruption.


We have found that ITHealth are much more than an IT supplier; they are a partner. I trust what they tell me to be factual and not hype, and their technical staff are exceptional.

Richard Oliver

Information Governance Manager

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We were finding that the number of login credentials to different applications was becoming a significant issue and detracting from the quality of care we could offer our patients.

Dr Peter Williams

Clinical Director for Acute Medicine

Whiston Hospital

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