Clinical Workflow Optimisation


Technology for efficient desktop roaming and improved user workflows.

FLOW is an NHS workflow solution that allows clinicians on the move to access patient data and applications quickly and easily. It vastly improves the workflows and productivity of mobile clinicians who work throughout an NHS department at various workstations, such as within an accident and emergency setting where workstation switching is commonplace. FLOW streamlines a clinician’s access to applications and systems. By using virtual technology, it also enables desktops to be suspended and preserved centrally, so clinicians can securely and easily pick up their active desktops at various workstations.


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Key features

FLOW is made up of four key components: hyper-converged storage and server, virtual desktop infrastructure, single sign-on technology that streamlines the log-in processes, and Isosec session persistence software that suspends NHS Spine applications. All, or a variation, of these four components can be used as required according to the clinical need. FLOW reduces administration increasing clinicians’ satisfaction with technology; it also allows more time to be spent on delivering patient care.


  • Improves workflows, productivity and the delivery of services from mobile clinicians.
  • Reduces administration so that more time can be spent on patient care, and increases clinicians’ satisfaction with technology.
  • Streamlines procedures to reduce password-related queries to IT helpdesks.
  • Increases security thanks to centrally hosted desktops – desktops are no longer left running on abandoned PCs.


FLOW allows our clinicians to walk up to a PC, use the smartcard and instantly log on to Lorenzo and PACS. You do what you need to, pull out the smartcard and the PC locks. When you log in to another machine, your session is exactly where you left it.

Steve Ion

Technology Manager

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

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