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Patient Privacy Intelligence

Patient privacy monitoring for proactive alerting of inappropriate access to PID

Imprivata FairWarning protects patient privacy and helps combat privacy breaches within electronic health records (EHRs). It monitors NHS employees’ access to patient identifiable data (PID) and highlights behaviours that are indicative of snooping, identity theft, or other risky behaviours. Imprivata FairWarning complies fully with the Data Protection Act and Information Governance policies and standards (such as the DSP Toolkit), and demonstrates a proactive approach to patient privacy.

Key features

Imprivata FairWarning uses intelligent behavioural analytics to systemically review the audit logs across all major electronic health records and healthcare applications that contain patient information. Known false positives are then filtered out, and any remaining incidents indicative of unusual and inappropriate access patterns are alerted to information governance teams in real-time. It is compatible with over 350 applications and comes with over 100 behaviour-based privacy breach scenarios built in. Imprivata FairWarning’s user-friendly technology includes a simple, intuitive dashboard, detailed reporting, and the option to integrate new audit sources quickly and easily.


  • Helps NHS organisations conform to regulatory requirements and compliance standards.
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to patient privacy, which translates into greater patient trust and enhances the reputation of NHS organisations, reducing risk and potential exposure to privacy breaches.
  • Provides actionable insights in real-time and supports a more proactive approach to tackling security breaches.
  • Removes the onerous task of manually filtering audit trails, saving time and money in the process.


FairWarning is used by more than 300 enterprise customers and 7,500 healthcare facilities around the world, including 1,800 hospitals. In the UK, these include Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust, East Midlands Radiology Service, Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and NHS Scotland.


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