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Directory Manager

Connect ESR to Microsoft Active Directory to manage Employee User Accounts automatically

Directory Manager is the NHS market-leading identity and directory management solution from BDS Solutions. It’s used by many NHS Trusts to reduce costs and increase control. Based on data pulled in from the national Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system, Directory Manager automates the administration of user accounts in the Active Directory (AD) and other directories to create an account administration process that’s robust, high quality and extremely efficient.

Key features

Directory Manager uses data from the ESR system to automatically administer the user accounts in AD to deliver a quality assured, timely and efficient account administration process. When linked to ESR data, Directory Manager will manage starters (for example the creation of new user accounts and mailboxes), manage updates (for example job role/department changes and user name changes) and manage leavers (for example applying leaving dates, closing expired user accounts and revoking security permissions).


  • Increases levels of security by ensuring accounts for each user are managed collectively in a secure and efficient manner.
  • A single point of administration improves the consistency and quality of the data.
  • Reduces administration costs and IT Helpdesk workload by automating data changes.
  • Increases user productivity and business agility. A typical NHS Trust will find return on investment for Directory Manager in less than a year.

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