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Assurance Dashboard Solution

Increase security visibility of IT assets to identify, prioritise and remediate cyber risk, and stay assured and compliant

Without a truthful and trustworthy view of your IT estate, how can you possibly understand the true strength of your cyber posture and levels of assurance and compliance?

The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution gives IT teams greater control of their IT estates by increasing security visibility of all network-connected assets through a single pane of glass. With intuitive, tailor-made, near real-time reports, it makes risks easier to visualise, remediate and report on. It increases understanding of your compliance at both a local and national level and, most importantly, keeps you cyber assured at all times.

ITHealth Assurance Dashboard

Key features

  • An automated, agentless asset management and network inventory tool regularly  scans and interrogates all IP addressable assets connecting to an organisation’s network and exposes the information in an intuitive dashboard interface.
  • A granular level of detail is supplied for each asset found and most specifically, the security aspects of all assets are retrieved.
  • The inventory data is integrated with other key data feeds and intelligence to form tailored status reports, so the most critical security information relevant to cyber defences and compliance is presented.
  • Status reports include, for example: AV/Encryption/ATP Status, Windows Update reporting and trending, End of Support software, Vulnerability CVE ranking, OS versions used, and Active Directory auditing, to name just several. (See an example of some of the tabular views detailing reports here.)
  • For NHS organisations, NHS Digital CyberAlert (formerly CareCERT) advisories are fed into the Dashboard upon release which then quickly reports on affected assets enabling remediation to begin much sooner and be tracked ongoing.
  • The Dashboard has also been mapped to NHSD’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) and features a dedicated tabular view detailing best supporting reports against assertions. (Read more on how the Dashboard supports the DSPT.)
  • Cyber resilience analytics using CyberAware Resilience to help identify weakest attack paths to business-critical assets and identify the optimum software patching strategy will also soon be available.
  • It’s a supported solution, so ITHealth provides monthly snapshot summaries of the Dashboard information to feed into hygiene and/or board reports; key trends are highlighted so you can demonstrate progress over time.
  • As a supported solution, ITHealth can also create and add reports specific to your organisation, upon request.


  • A single pane view helps efficiently maintain a secure, vigilant and resilient IT environment
  • Streamlines and helps focus remediation efforts and monitors impact in near real-time
  • Simplifies and automates many IT processes, including reporting which frees up vital resource
  • One truthful view of the network accessible by all IT departments bridges silos
  • Keeps you cyber assured through an easily accessible, near real-time view
  • Access to ITHealth’s experienced Professional Services Consultants for expert advice


The ITHealth Dashboard negates the use of multiple management consoles; we now go to one place to monitor and control our IT estate and get a trusted view of our assurance.

Andre De Araujo

Head of ICT

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

The ITHealth Dashboard is far from a one-trick pony; we’re finding uses for it that we didn’t even anticipate. It’s so easy to use that it has become an invaluable, everyday tool for our 2nd and 3rd line teams.

Stephen Barton

IT Security Manager

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

What I like best is that this system takes away any guesswork and opportunity for error in reporting; it presents a picture of the network and systems as they really are - making it easier to visualise risks and present accurate solutions.

Janet Eivers

Digital Compliance Manager

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

It’s a solution that allows us to effectively aggregate a number of asset management and security dashboards into one central resource. We now go to one place to get a clear view of the network.

Sean Devine

Infrastructure Manager

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Our aim was to get a simpler and more independent view of the state of our IT estate to better manage vulnerabilities and assure customers. What we actually got was so much more.

Mike Press

Chief Technical Officer

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service

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