Compliance, Governance and Assurance

Assurance Dashboard Solution

Providing a single, real-time view of the assurance and compliance levels of your entire IT estate

Without a truthful and trustworthy view of your IT estate, how can you possibly understand the true strength of your cyber posture and levels of assurance and compliance?

The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution consolidates all areas of your cyber security into a single, real-time view – giving complete, at-a-glance visibility of what’s happening within your network.  It increases understanding of the risks you face and levels of compliance at both a local and national NHS Digital level. Most importantly, it gives you justified confidence in your assurance – at all times.

Key features

  • An automated asset management and network inventory tool continuously scans all hardware and software – in fact, all IP addressable assets – on your network and exposes the information in an intuitive dashboard interface.
  • A granular level of detail is supplied for each asset found, including for example: serial number, the last logged on Windows user, and remaining disk space – even devices using default passwords are identified.
  • Data is fed into tailored status reports along with added ITHealth intelligence, so the dashboard displays only the most critical security information relevant to your cyber defences and compliance.
  • Status reports include, for example: Anti-Virus and Windows update status, encryption status, CareCERT alert compliance, active directory and user trends…the list goes on.
  • As it’s a managed solution, ITHealth can create and add new status reports specific to your organisation, if requested.
  • CareCERT alerts are added once released so you can rapidly assess associated risks, level of compliance and remediation required – as well as monitor the number of outstanding / resolved issues in near real-time
  • ITHealth provide periodic snapshot summaries of the real-time information to feed into hygiene and / or board reports; key trends are highlighted so you can demonstrate progress over time.


  • Huge time-savings through a consolidated and automated view of your entire IT infrastructure
  • Complete and justified confidence in your assurance and compliance levels – at all times
  • Streamlined CareCERT management frees up vital resource
  • Remediation impacts can be monitored in near real-time
  • Regular snapshot summary reports simplify hygiene reporting / reporting to the board
  • Ensures you always remain fully compliant with NHS policies and NHS Digital best practice
  • ITHealth’s experienced technicians manage the whole process for you


The Assurance Dashboard relieves a lot of the effort associated with the DSPT. We will be using it heavily for our 2019/2020 submission.

Gary Mullinder

IT System Administrator

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

It’s a solution that allows us to effectively aggregate a number of asset management and security dashboards into one central resource. We now go to one place to get a clear view of the network.

Sean Devine

Infrastructure Manager

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We were impressed with the speed in which the Dashboard allowed us to view and report on our exposure to the recent high severity CareCERT alert [CC-3176, issued 14th August 2019]. Previously, it took specialist knowledge using 3rd party tools to generate scripts that would interrogate the network and identify the same information; this was time-consuming and relied on having the correct skill sets available to perform the task. The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution automated the whole process for us.

Tony McGivern

ICT Infrastructure Manager

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

What I like best is that this system takes away any guesswork and opportunity for error in reporting; it presents a picture of the network and systems as they really are - making it easier to visualise risks and present accurate solutions.

Janet Eivers

Digital Compliance Manager

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard gives us clarity on the true level of vulnerabilities that exist within our IT estate and helps us to proactively address them.

Daniel Woodruffe

Former Chief Information Officer

East London NHS Foundation Trust

Our aim was to get a simpler and more independent view of the state of our IT estate to better manage vulnerabilities and assure customers. What we actually got was so much more.

Mike Press

Chief Technical Officer

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service

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