Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management platform provider helping organisations better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimise risks and optimise their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their technology assets at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software.

Lansweeper Professional Services, from ITHealth

Project Scoping – Design – Installation – Adoption – Support – Healthcheck

Lansweeper’s leading technology asset and intelligence platform is powerful and highly configurable; whilst providing a quick return on investment out-of-the-box, ITHealth helps unlock its full potential by providing a full lifecycle service from project scoping, design and implementation to consulting, training and support, ensuring Lansweeper is tailored to your unique organisational needs so it works hardest for your business.

Having delivered and managed 150+ Lansweeper installations for UK organisations demonstrates ITHealth’s strength of partnership with Lansweeper and our proven expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Lansweeper application, be that On-Premise or in Cloud environments.

For customers new to Lansweeper, our service involves listening carefully to your objectives, desired outcomes and measurements for success, and working closely with you to architect and implement a custom, hassle-free Lansweeper installation to meet your unique organisational needs. Post-implementation, we provide you with the necessary training to allow you to become system experts. An ITHealth service-wrap also ensures that when new needs arise – be it configuration requirements or custom reports, they are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Key Benefits

  • Vast experience of ITHealth’s expert consultants who know the Lansweeper platform inside and out.
  • Ensure a robust, custom-built, hassle-free Lansweeper implementation that is designed to meet your unique business needs.
  • Maximise asset insights with tailored configuration designed to achieve business goals.
  • Get priority access to Lansweeper’s customer success team before, during and after implementation.
  • Ability to purchase additional service hours to cater to ongoing configuration requirements or new projects.
  • Receive customised training to help you become system experts.

ITHealth’s Professional Services for Lansweeper include:

Project Scoping

ITHealth will work with you to define your operational objectives, desired outcomes, and key measurements for success. Discussing with key stakeholders, we will collect information about your organisation so we can begin project planning.


ITHealth will define the architectural requirements, dependencies, integrations and options, and create the initial design. Once the design is validated, we’ll work closely with you to agree upon the final architecture and create a Statement of Works for approval.


ITHealth will provision the Lansweeper software and license key and install the platform according to best practice and the agreed Statement of Works. ITHealth can also install and configure additional scanning servers, LsAgents and integrations.


During the adoption phase, ITHealth will work together with you and your team to provide you with comprehensive documentation and training on specific roles and use cases. ITHealth will also measure success on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing support

Post implementation, an ITHealth service wrap will ensure ongoing support. We will work with you when new service capacity is launched, or you identify new configuration requirements. We’ll leverage experience gained during the initial implementation to accelerate these new projects.


For existing Lansweeper customers, ITHealth will collaborate with your IT and security teams to understand the risk profile for your organisation and make recommendations. Following this assessment, ITHealth will tailor and configure Lansweeper to your specific requirements.

Lansweeper Healthcheck

At ITHealth, we understand the critical role that the Lansweeper platform plays in managing your IT infrastructure. Our Healthcheck Service is designed to ensure that your Lansweeper deployment is optimised for performance, security, and efficiency. With our expert consulting and guidance, we help you maximise the value of your Lansweeper investment to keep your IT environment running smoothly.

What’s included in the Healthcheck service?:


  • Server OS, SQL and Lansweeper versions
  • Lansweeper Scan Servers and target assignment
  • Asset/Licence Assessment and Breakdown
  • Scan Queue Performance
  • Agent Usage

Scanning Configuration:

  • # of Scanning Targets
  • Scanning Target Types
  • Scanning Exclusions
  • Asset Radar
  • Scanning Schedule


  • Credential Mapping to Scan Targets
  • Credential Types in use
  • Lansweeper User Credentials

IP Range Scanning:

  • Size and # of IP Range Scanning Targets

Scan Issues:

  • Assessment of any scanning errors


  • LSAgent and LSPush Assessment – use and configuration

Healthcare Cyber Assurance and Compliance

ITHealth utilises Lansweeper’s deep scan technology to power its ITHealth Dashboard which has been designed specifically to address the cyber and compliance needs of NHS organisations. ITHealth manipulates vital inventory data uncovered by Lansweeper and integrates it with other key data feeds and intelligence to help NHS organisations better manage the security of their connected estates and stay assured of their cyber defences. The ITHealth Dashboard includes a wealth of reports to support both local and national compliance requirements and helps better visualise and manage exposure to cyber risk.

ITHealth Dashboard image

Highlights include:

  • A dynamic risk-based view of network-connected assets, including medical devices and IoT
  • Pro-actively helps mitigate vulnerabilities across the IT and non-IT estate
  • Comprehensive audit and compliance reporting, including DSPT mapping and compliance
  • NHS Digital Cyber Alert automation, prioritisation and tracking
  • Comprehensive cyber hygiene reporting, plus reporting bespoke to individual NHS organisations
  • An ITHealth supported solution, including monthly provision of ‘cyber security status quo’ management reports

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