‘UKI Healthcare Partner of the Year’ – just one of two Sophos partner awards

Sophos, a global leader in next-generation endpoint and network security, recently awarded ITHealth it’s ‘UKI Healthcare Partner of the Year’ award. ITHealth’s Chris Booth was also named ‘Individual Contributor of the Year’.

The 2017 annual EMEA Partner Conference was recently held in Lisbon with the theme of ‘Discover Sophos’ – emphasising how we can all be ‘disruptive pioneers’ and achieve great things together. The event gathered all Sophos EMEA partners to hear Sophos’ vision and strategy, learn about the product roadmap, and look back at the last year to celebrate successes.

“We’re delighted to have been named ‘Healthcare Partner of the Year’”, said Brett Draper, Managing Director, ITHealth. “We believe strongly in both the Sophos product portfolio and the partnership; our joint expertise allow us to deliver the very best in next-gen endpoint and network security to all our NHS customers. The ITHealth team have worked incredibly hard this year and I’m grateful that their efforts have been recognised.”

Both ITHealth and Sophos have been working with the NHS for over 25 years. ITHealth solely serve the NHS market which gives them an unrivalled understanding of NHS issues and Sophos’ innovative products already protect over 80% of devices within the NHS. This makes for a very strong partnership.

Sophos are pioneers in the development of award-winning security products and see the value in keeping IT security ‘simple’. They continually innovate and develop products to combat today’s modern threats. Sophos’ revolutionary synchronised security – which allows endpoints and the network to talk to each other – provides unparalleled levels of protection.

“I want to deliver the best solutions to my clients,” said Chris Booth, ITHealth Account Manager and award winner. “Solutions that are uncomplicated, that work, and that come at the right price. Sophos solutions allow me to do this. I believe their consolidated approach to security is right for our customers. Helping customers see the benefit of this is what’s led to a particularly successful year.”

Jonathan Bartholomew, Channel Director at Sophos, said, “It is always a great pleasure to be able to meet our partners face to face, as they play a crucial role in our success as a business. The EMEA Partner Conference Is a fantastic opportunity to gather feedback, to hear our partners’ validation of our strategy across the endpoint and network, and to see it helping to make their businesses a success. I am delighted ITHealth has won the award for UKI Healthcare Partner of the Year, along with Chris’ award for Individual Contributor of the Year. ITHealth have spent many years working specifically in the healthcare sector building a deep understanding of their needs, and we are proud to work so closely with them. ITHealth are a pleasure to work with, especially Chris with his outstanding achievement in FY17. We look forward to another successful year.”

ITHealth is proud to be able to offer its customers the best protection against sophisticated security threats and these awards are well-deserved recognition of our commitment to the NHS marketplace.