Founded in 1984, Cisco has been helping customers for over 30 years to seize the opportunities of tomorrow through long-lasting partnerships and exceptional products and services. Beginning with the multiprotocol router, Cisco has developed innovative solutions and technologies for businesses of all sizes and every sector. Nearly every Internet connection in the UK touches Cisco technology and they’re investing in projects across the nation to support innovation, from smart cities to transport, healthcare and manufacturing, to cyber-security and digital skills.

How ITHealth works with Cisco

ITHealth has worked in successful partnership with Cisco for over 15 years, since we first established our relationship back in 2006. As a Cisco ‘Select Partner’, ITHealth is well positioned to provide excellent customer service and implementation with Cisco products including networking products, switchers, routers, wireless and architecture components.

Cisco and Secure-IT

Secure-IT is ITHealth’s flagship remote access solution using strong two-factor authentication and multiple token types, including the NHS Smartcard. With over 87,000 users in 100+ NHS organisations, Secure-IT provides two-factor authentication for any RADIUS platform. Cisco has always been a preferred supplier to enable the Secure-IT solution, since a typical Secure-IT solution comprises 2FA software combined with approved EAL4 appliances to provide firewall, VPN concentrator, and prevention detection. Secure-IT enables NHS staff to access their trust and N3 network, applications, the internet and email using a secure mobile VPN connection that safeguards confidentiality.

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