ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution

Be assured and compliant

Increase visibility of your network with a single, real-time view to better manage vulnerabilities, remediation and compliance

Webinar Recording and Demonstration

In this pre-recorded webinar, ITHealth demonstrate how it’s providing vital cyber and compliance assurance to NHS IT teams and streamlining reporting through its Assurance Dashboard Solution.

* No more manual checks of disparate systems to get a complete view of the network. l * No more guesswork or assumptions. l * Just one Dashboard collating multiple facets of cyber security and compliance information into a single and easily accessible, real-time view making risks easier to visualise, prioritise and remediate.

Useful resources

Read how various NHS clients benefit from the Assurance Dashboard Solution, as well as how it directly meets or supports 58% of all cyber-related mandatory evidence requirements within the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).


ASSURANCE DASHBOARD CASE STUDY - Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service finds the ideal IT compliance and assurance solution


ASSURANCE DASHBOARD CASE STUDY - Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust improves digital compliance efficiency


ASSURANCE DASHBOARD CASE STUDY - East London NHS Foundation Trust stay secured, managed and assured


ASSURANCE DASHBOARD DATA SHEET - Providing a single, real-time view of the assurance and compliance levels of your entire NHS IT estate


DSPT DATA SHEET - How the Assurance Dashboard Solution supports DSP toolkit compliance and submissions


NIS REGULATIONS DATA SHEET - How the Assurance Dashboard supports compliance

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How do you have true assurance without a truthful and trustworthy view of your NHS IT estate? And without a complete view, how can you know the true strength of your cyber posture and levels of compliance?

The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard Solution consolidates all areas of your cyber security into a single, real-time view – giving complete, at-a-glance visibility of everything happening in your network. It increases understanding of the risks you face and levels of compliance at both a local and NHS Digital level. It gives you justified confidence in your cyber and compliance assurance at all times.

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What I like best is that this system takes away any guesswork and opportunity for error in reporting; it presents a picture of the network and systems as they really are - making it easier to visualise risks and present accurate solutions.

Janet Eivers

Digital Compliance Manager

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

In 20 years of IT, it’s not often I’m blown away by a solution that’s so affordable, easy to use and that gives you so much information – and makes the findings exportable straight into excel!

Mike Press

Chief Technical Officer

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service

It is such a good product and the service wrap really helps sell it; it is certainly one of the easiest and most compelling business cases I have had to write.

James Hogan

Information Security Consultant

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The ITHealth Assurance Dashboard gives us clarity on the true level of vulnerabilities that exist within our IT estate and helps us to proactively address them.

Daniel Woodruffe

Chief Information Officer

East London NHS Foundation Trust

ITHealth provide excellent support with our use of the dashboard. They take care of routine tasks and reporting and save the team a huge amount of time - time that is now better spent focussing on other key projects.

Mike Press

Chief Technical Officer

Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service