ITHealth cycle 200 miles to celebrate 70 years of the NHS

This year sees the NHS turn 70 with the landmark anniversary date being Thursday 5 July 2018. It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge three ITHealth employees to cycle over 200 miles to raise a target of £10,000 in NHS charitable donations.

When health secretary Aneurin Bevan launched the NHS at Park Hospital in Manchester (now known as Trafford General Hospital) back in 1948, there were no routine anti-biotics, anti-cancer drugs or blood pressure treatments, and infectious diseases were common. Seventy years on, not only can we now all expect to live a little longer, but we also have penicillin, MRI scanners, IVF, stem cell transplants and artificial hips. NHS healthcare has advanced massively over the last seven decades, yet the founding principal remains the same – that good quality healthcare should be available to all. Undeniably, the NHS has transformed, and continues to transform, the health and wellbeing of the entire nation.

It’s a cause to celebrate

The NHS’ 70th birthday provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most-loved institutions and to take time to show gratitude for the incredible work provided by the NHS and supporting charities. ITHealth, an organisation which solely serves the NHS and has done for over 25 years, is particularly keen to show its support and recognition. As such, ITHealth has set an ambitious target of £10,000 to raise valuable funds for local NHS charity appeal, Hayward House.

Run by Nottingham Hospitals Charity, Hayward House aims to enrich the lives of individuals with life-limiting illnesses, as well as supporting their families. The hospice-style unit offers a sanctuary where medical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and their families are compassionately addressed during, arguably, the most difficult times of their lives. All donations raised by ITHealth will help support a number of care enhancements at Hayward House including: complementary therapies, art activities, counselling, funding for more nursing staff, and development of the garden.

ITHealth is extremely keen to support such a valuable cause and so has challenged three of its employees to each cycle over 200 miles from Manchester to Abingdon, via Nottingham, over the course of two days (17th & 18th July 2018).

The idea for the Manchester to Abingdon route sparked from ITHealth’s relationship with IT security partner, Sophos. Both ITHealth and Sophos work closely together to ensure NHS organisations remain cyber secure and the partnership has only been growing from strength to strength in recent years. To recognise the joint work provided to NHS organisations, a starting point of where the NHS was founded in Manchester to the Sophos Head Office in Abingdon, via the ITHealth offices and Hayward House in Nottingham, seemed a great idea and a suitably challenging distance.

Should you wish to help ITHealth achieve its target, simply visit ITHealth’s JustGiving page or perhaps arrange your own fundraising activity to celebrate 70 years of the NHS